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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Helping a Friend!

I have two friends who are also getting married. So I designed a logo for one of them. What do you think!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I got a google phone

I just received my google phone. Not wedding related I know. But I thought I'd share and I sent this post from my phone.

Monday, October 20, 2008

DIY CardBox

I've decided to make a Picture Frame Card Box that will display our engagement photos during the reception. I got the design from the net but I've modified it somewhat since I am going to keep it as a keepsake box. Here is the first building photos. I'll finish it after a trip to the hardware and fabric store. I used 2 packets of small box hinges and 4 picture frames from Wal mart .

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wedding Checklist

As you can see I have a lot of work to do.

Unity Candles

Here is one of my DIY projects. I purchased a 3"x 9" candle from Hobby Lobby (they are having a sale for 50% off all bridal) for 2.99. The velum paper was also %50 off. The ribbon came form walmart 1.00 and $.49. I still have some left over. One DIY complete... I may go with my other monogram logo.

Free Save the Date Post Card

It took a couple of weeks, but I did receive my free post card. It looked just like the picture. It had my message on the back and it was pretty cool. The advertisement on the back was small so what it was FREE! I put it on my refrigerator, where you would hope, your guest would keep the save the dates. Nice and visible. You can use publisher to create a Jpeg image with your save the date information on top.Free save the dates at can be a great deal. You could even upload this design to vista print and get post cards made. The best way to save money is to send them free. Example:


Okay thanks to my Bridesmaids I've finally settled on a theme and color palette (lime green, lavendar, chocolate, see right). Purple is my favorite color and I tend to lean to the lighter shades of purple, like lavender. I have decided, in order to save a buck, to do DIY wedding projects. I'm fairly crafty and I know I can make anything. I'm in the middle of several different projects; my display cake, favor boxes, flower girl pail, seat cards, invitations, and unity candles. Okay, that's a lot and it isn't even half of the projects I've decided to undertake. Don't laugh! (naw go ahead, I am) My bridesmaids bless thier hearts are trying to make sure I'm being realistic. I am, I can finish all of that and more in six months.

I'm back...

I'm still planning! Thanks for all of you who have been following me. I got an email from Linda in Greensboro who is also on a $5000 to $8000 budget.


I’m sorry to trouble you, but I ran across your blog about planning your wedding. I was curious where you ended up having your reception. I am on a budget somewhere between $5,000 and $8,000 and also in Greensboro.

Thank you so much!


My Response:


No trouble at all. I'm glad my blog is there to help. I need to continue writing (I've been busy lately)! I haven't gotten married yet my date is April 25, 2009. Depending on your criteria (alcohol etc. ) there are lots of different places to have a reception. But budget constraints definitely can hinder us. If I didn't want to provide 100 guest with unlimited alcohol I would use one of these venues: Cheapest

The JH Adams Inn in High Point. It is really beautiful and very elegant. They make you buy their alcohol but the lady there will work with you to pick a nice meal cheaply. There are pictures on my blog and here is their website. Food and venue roughly $3000

The Brookstown Inn is fabulous. I think the same company owns both of these places. Anyway they also make you buy their alcohol but they will work to stay withinn your budget. The dining area is a little dark but the charm of the hotel makes it so worth while and your guests will feel at home. Food and venue roughly $3500.

Double tree High Point Rd- In my quest for the perfect spot, I've viewed many places, if you want to go the chain hotel route, this is the place to go. They only charge $500 for the venue and the food is about 25.00 per person. I really like the charm of the above bed and breakfast places, though. $Food and venue roughly $3500

Watch out for %20 Gratuity.

Unlimited Alcohol Choices:

1. Tuscany Gardens (they are booking up the best months fast). This would be my first choice they provide a lot of the extras. Plus, they allow you to provide your own own alcohol. See my blog. $5000.00 total. Ceremony included.

2. King Inn Sedgefield I just recently saw this place and started to change my whole agenda. It is great ! But, it is better for a smaller affair unless you want to tent the parking lot. Then you're adding cost. You hire your own caterer and they are flexible. It is better to have your guest stay here and have your event here. But check this place out just to have your guest stay here.

3. UNCG Alumni House (alumni, students, staff only) This place is very elegant and newly remodeled. It is inexpensive and very beautiful. Venue $1300 for 6 hours and the school can (not required) cater for $14.00 per person total. Gratuity included.

4. UNCG Cone Ballroom (Books up fast) Older room inside the student center. Very cheap venue under $1000 (tables and chairs included) and the school (required) has to cater for you at $14.00 per person total (other menues available). Gratuity included.

5. ***My choice NC A&T Alumni Center. This place is new and beautiful and it fits all my criteria. Large rooms tables and chairs. The school can cater for you but you can also use an outside caterer. Roughly $2500 with outside caterer .

Linda let me know if I can be of any help on other questions I have catering suggestions. If you want to look at UNCG, I went there, the food is good. Go eat at Spencers. I also do wedding crafts and candy buffets (call for pricing), I've attached a price list, I'm offering blog readers a 25% off discount. Get a paper every week and use coupons Micheal's, Ac Moore, Hobby Lobby, Joann's and Old Time Pottery. Hobby lobby is having a 50% off bridal and floral week with no coupon. I'd be glad to help anyway I can.

Can I use your question on my blog?


Thursday, June 19, 2008


I just ran across a site that will allow you to send a postcard you design for free (with a small advertisement). I wonder how many you can send. I've just tested the site twice. I sent my daddy a postcard picture of my daughter and a silly message. I also sent my fiancee a postcard picture of one of our engagement pictures. I'll post how they look when I get them. I may have just solved one of my wedding expenses for FREE! I'll post the website after I receive my test postcards.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cakes..Ummmm... Cakes!

Cake cost in this area around $2.00 to $10.00 a slice (CRAZY, BUT TRUE). So, for 100 guest that is about 200 dollars. That would represent 4% of the budget. That usually takes into account the bride and groom saving the top portion until their first anniversary. We will not be participating in this tradition. For a bunch of reasons that I'll list...
  • I do not eat leftovers
  • Our freezer is too full
  • I'm not very familiar with the freezing process
  • Year old frozen cake...YUK!
Now, I'm sure some family busybody would disagree, but it ain't gonna to happen. So what style cake do I like. I really don't have a preference. Wal-mart has a really nice 3 tier cake for $139 that will feed 119. You can have them decorate it to your taste.

My next idea is cupcakes the are simple and elegant and cheap. And no frozen top...

Wedding in a Box...Updated!

I went to talk to the lady at Wedding in a Box yesterday. It was a very interesting meeting. If you are in the process of getting married a thinking of planning on your own wedding but are stressed this is the complete package (minus the tux, dress, cake, videographer,and florist). She has basically developed a relationship with vendors who offer her a lower rate for repeat business. So she in turn is able to offer brides a wedding in a box for a surprisingly lower cost. I still do not believe it is lower than DIY. My challenge between now and April 18, 2008 is to see if that is true. She is a good sounding board and she offers consultant only services at $35.00 per hour.

So what does she offer.... for 100 guest for a total of $4999 plus tax.

  • Invitations and RSVPs Stamped, addressed and mailed
  • Catering Fruit and Veggie display, 6 other hors d' oeuvers, mock champange punch in fountain
  • Photographer
  • DJ
  • Reception Venue
  • Decorations for wedding site and reception venue
  • Coordination and direction of wedding
  • Programs
  • Staffing for behind the scenes
I would suggest you check the link above and call the wedding in a box. Especially if you don't have the time to do the research yourself. Or use this blob to help you plan.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Finding Vendors on Craigslist...

When we first got engaged I found a photographer on craigslist who was looking to build his portfolio and hadn't done very many weddings. He offered to do an entire wedding for $250.00. So I booked a test engagement session (which he did for free) the pictures turned out great and we would have booked him but his prices went up within a week to $600.00. That makes him more comparable to more experienced photographers. He still advertises on craigslist so see if you can catch him. Other wise his website is .

Our wedding favors...

I've been reading a lot about the wedding favor debate. Wedding favors can be a big expense...if you let them. I really want to provide my guest with a meaningful gift to take away from my wedding something that will not end up in the junk drawer...

History of Wedding favors

Centuries ago, European aristocrats, most notably those in France and Italy, would send their wedding guests home with a small gift called a bonbonniere or as it’s called in Italian, a bomboniere. These weren’t exclusively a wedding staple however. They were also given out at birthday parties and other celebratory occasions.

A bonbonniere was actually a box made of porcelain, crystal, precious stones or metal. Inside one would find delicacies made of sugar. It was from these boxed and gift wrapped confections that today’s wedding favors are derived.

In my day I've received some dinky wedding favors. Hershey's kisses glued together to look like a rose with a pipe cleaner for a stem (not cute). I want to give something inexpensive, clever, different and meaningful.

What do you think of ... a custom fortune cookie with our own message inside. I found these at and they are relatively inexpensive. They have an anniversary special ...

Anniversary Pricing:
1-99 $.25 each
100-499 $.18 each
500-999 $.13 each
1,000-4,999 $.10 each
5,000-9,999 $.09 each
10,000-49,999 $.08 each
50,000-99,999 $.07 each
100,000+ $.06 each

200 cookies at .18 each + 12.50 message charge is $48.50 Not bad...

Or you could follow this link to make your own fortune cookie...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Paying for my Wedding...

You've probably heard that the American savings rate for 2005 was negative 0.5 percent, the lowest since the Great Depression. The annual savings rate has been negative only twice -- in 1932 and 1933, during the Great Depression. With the economy in the tank and mortgages failing all around us you have to wonder if a wedding is a wise expense. The tradition of the brides family paying for the wedding started because it was the groom's family's responsibility to provide the couple with a home to live in. Ha! I've never in my 29 years seen or heard of this happening.

We plan on paying for our own wedding. Neither of our families are in a position to pay for our wedding and we wouldn't dream of asking them either. So here is the plan... We will pay all our deposits and make monthly contributions to a savings vehicle such as ING savings account online (3% savings rate) . I decided on a online account because it takes three days to withdraw the funds via ACH, which makes it harder to spend. My fiance is not the best saver. He would need a cooling off period to think about whether he really wants to tap into the wedding fund. I also found another cool way to save money. It is a digital change jar. It counts your money as you place it in the jar. this Zillionz Counting Money Jar could act as the flower fund or favor fund.

Monday, June 9, 2008


I went to the RUSH today. I wanted to sign up for a membership. I am determined to loose 40 pounds before my wedding date, April 18, 2008. That's my goal but I simply need motivation. I need a weight loss buddy or some other motivator. My problem is stress eating and drinking (alcohol). Every week, I start my Dr. Giraud diet but I haven't been able to go two straight weeks. I know this will get me past my current hump. So can I do it, can I catapult myself past this current hump (into the next 10's category). Yes, I can that is my goal, from now until June 29th I'm going to follow Dr. Giraud's diet to the letter. I might even join the RUSH. This is a relatively new fitness center in Triad. It is very nice and I could see myself going there. They even have childcare!
It has:
    Rows and rows of easy-to-use, color coded equipment for each body part, Selectorized, and free weights
    Classes, classes, and more classes including Pilates, spinning, kickboxing, and yoga
    Fun, knowledgeable, and friendly staff of experienced professionals
    Everything you need to cool off, clean up, and replenish in the locker rooms
    and the ultimate hours of operation - 24/7

The enrollment fee is $149 and it cost $49 monthly. Or for a student discount it is $149 enrollment $39.00 monthly I can't afford this and it really doesn't fit into my wedding budget. Would this be considered a wedding expense?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Clarion ... Reception Location

This reception location is nice but it would be much nicer if the outside looked as great as the inside.
In my search I have come across some great reception locations (that look fabulous on the inside but not so great on the outside). The Clarion is a older hotel that has been through some renovations but it still looks old. The only flaw is the ambiance is lacking on the outside...The inside is great. I could over look the outside if their prices reflected the outside. I think this should be a mid range location but their prices reflect a high dollar hotel, much like the Embassy Suites. The Clarion provides a lot of extras (champagne toast, cake, centerpieces, cake knife and server, appetizer, en tree, and salad) in their packages but is it enough for the price tag. I'll know I will. I guess it all depends on what you want for you wedding. Do you want to serve your guests dinner with all the trimmings, hors 'drovers, or what? They did this beautiful pineapple tree....

Wedding in a Box

This is a brilliant idea. Save the bride a ton of stress and plan her wedding on a set budget. I talked to this lady at the bridal show last week and I am going to set an appointment with her so I can talk to her further. The website was interesting it gave some good reception locations. I have some questions though, a wedding in a box includes invitations, RSVP cards, wedding favors, reception venue, florist, caterer, decorations, wedding coordinator, DJ, and photography. But is this a cookie cutter wedding? Will my wedding look just like my friend's wedding? How many of these have you done? Can I see pictures? Am I leaving my entire wedding up to one company? I'll let you know what i find out.....

Monday, June 2, 2008

Inexpensive Wedding Favors

This classic heart shape cookie cutters make great favors. A best seller, each one is packaged in a clear gift box with black backing, and tied off with an organza ribbon. Cutters are made from tin and measure 2" x 2". Pair this with a card thanking your guest and "Cut out for Each Other"
Priced at $.40 each for 100 or more

I Went To A Wedding this Weekend....

I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend. Every time I go to a wedding I learn a little bit more and a little bit more. This time I learned it pays to check and double check your vendors, some churches have made weddings an income source, have a wedding day flow chart, and seating charts are valuable. I've debated this last lesson with my sister and she doesn't think seating charts are necessary but we will see how she sways after my wedding.
Lets go over the lessons learned...
  1. The florist forgot to make the flowers! (WHAT!) Yes, the mother of the bride and her friend stayed up the night before and made bouquets, corsages , boutonnières, and centerpieces for the wedding. There were 6 bridesmaids and groomsmen, 5 hostesses, over 250 guests and the wedding family. Can you imagine the mothers frustration? The florist provided the mother with the flowers (at a discount of course). I wonder if the bride had a signed contract. If so, I would have demanded the flowers for free. I don't know full the details but maybe this could have been avoided if this vendor was rechecked a week in advance.
  2. The wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful church that came with a coordinator, a photographer, a videographer and decorations all for one fee. The price around $500.00 not bad except the coordinator was a monster. I realize each wedding is a production but the coordinator shouldn't make the bride uncomfortable. This church has created an income stream in weddings.
  3. The wedding day went well except the wedding party missed the pre-wedding pictures. The ceremony coordinator had a flow chart but it wasn't followed. I think this was partly because she wasn't received by the bride well. This kind of problem can be avoided if the bride and her wedding party buys into the flow chart.
  4. I will definitely have a seating chart for my wedding reception. Every wedding event I've been to seems to neglect this as apart of the planning process. I'm not sure why, but every time it becomes a problem. The bride is never privy to the problem but her hostesses have to politely ask someone to move or slide to the next seat. This can be avoided by the RSVP process and a seating chart. That way the bride and groom have those most important to them sitting close to them.
I'll post a picture when I have one....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Wedding Vision...What is it?

What is my wedding vision? I don't really have one. Some girls have been planning their weddings since childhood. I was such a tomboy growing up, I would have never dreamed of prancing around in a frilly wedding dress. I was just girlie enough to want to be Brittnay, from Alvin and the Chipmunks, but only because she was always in competition with Alvin. I was never one who dreamed of fairytale weddings. Now that I'm getting married, I don't have clue what I want that day to be like. That is typically where a wedding planner would enter...but, the money I would pay a wedding planner could (and will) go toward my actual wedding expenses. As the "PLANNER"I'll have get as many ideas from weddings I've been to, wedding shows, and the internet as possible. So far I have been to dozens of weddings, 4 wedding shows, tons of Websites and literally at least a dozen reception venues (not to mention the ones I've called and emailed). When all the decisions have been made at least I will say I knew my stuff.

Bridal Shows...Help Me be cont...

Last night I went to a Bridal show at Castle McCulloch. This place is beautiful and I know it would make a wonderful wedding venue for some brides. Not me! It is way out of my price range. I want to think practically about my wedding plans and plan accordingly. I don't have, nor do I want to spend, a lot of money on my wedding. It is important for my day to be a great day full of memories that don't put me in debt. So that means I have to make it happen on a budget and a realistic budget. Enough of that!
I came across several vendors yesterday that can help make my day great. I have decided to have a sit down with these vendors, get the ends and outs ,and then report them to you!

Visions Catering
Wedding in a Box
Key Valet Service, Inc
Rose Mae's catering
Anything Music
Keller's Kakes And Katering
Treasured Images
Keepsake Bouquets & Floral Designs
Total Wine
My Beautiful Wedding
S&K Mens Warehouse
Occasions Florals
Beautiful Creations
Catered Affairs
Colonial LLC

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tuscany Gardens

I've been searching the triad high and low for the perfect place to have the reception. As you know the biggest portion of any budget is the reception. My husband to be has but one request, an unlimited bar. LOL! I laugh because this is usually the budget deal breaker. Alcohol is the biggest expense on any wedding budget. So my quest has been for a location that will allow you to bring your own alcohol. I've found Tuscany Gardens a reception/ceremony location that is beautiful. The interior is decorated in the Classic Italian Tuscany design with a raised dance floor, state of the art sound system, and a full service bar.This is what they do, weddings, all year long. This is a plus on many levels... the place is beautiful, they have tons of flowers on the grounds, they provide you with centerpieces, and they have other decorations you can use.They even have a bridal suite for the bride and her party to get dressed, complete with a dress steamer. Plus they let you bring your own alcohol.
Price for 100 guest, outdoor ceremony, and you get to design your menu approximately $5000.00, taxes and gratuity included. NOT BAD when you add all the extras.

Limo services...or not?

Do you rent a limo or not? Well tradition says yes, but your budget could say no! Some couples leave the wedding location (church, park, etc.) in a horse drawn carriage or a rented Rolls Royce. Are you obligated to transport your entire wedding party. I wouldn't think so. I guess it would ensure everyone arrives together. Anyway,to save money,I found a limousine service in Greensboro that will let you split time.

The 3-Hour Split can be configured hourly as:
Before & After
1 & 2
1½ & 1½
2 & 1

(Additional hours can be purchased.)

Lincoln Towncar Limousine, 4-6 passenger or
8-10 passenger. (Non-smoking limousines)

Cost: $300

Prices do not include gratuity, fuel surcharge and
additional travel fees. Travel included for Guilford
county. Package subject to change without notice.

This price is pretty cheap. If this still doesn't fit in your budget there are other alternatives; drive your own car, rent a car, or borrow a car. You could just get married and have your reception at the same location, then there is no need for a car at all.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Read this story it is SOOOO Romantic!

The story of the wooden box

My parents married all those years ago in a small family ceremony in my mother’s family home. Money was almost nonexistent then, so the reality of taking a honeymoon was only a dream for my parents. They said their vows and then both returned to work the next day, and that’s just the way most everyone did back then.

My parents, however, did make a vow to each other on their wedding night. They told each other that someday they would have the honeymoon of their dreams. They promised they would place a dollar in a box every time they made love. They considered it their “honeymoon savings box”, and they knew that, if their love was strong enough, they would one day be able to take a honeymoon form the deposits made to that box.

Times were tough in those days. Daddy worked two jobs to make ends meet and Mother worked just as hard at home raising the ten children God blessed them with. But every time they had time to be together, a dollar was placed in the box, just as they promised it would be.

Daddy never allowed Mother to dip into the honeymoon savings, even though it would have helped out at times. The money would come from somewhere else, but never from the special box they kept tucked away safe in the dresser.

I remember when we were all little and Daddy would come home tired and dirty from his twelve hour shifts. Mother would greet him with a smile and a hot meal. I often heard my Daddy say aloud to Mom that he had a dollar. Mother would simply smile and say “I know just how to spend it!” None of us realized what the story was then.

As we grew older and each one of us married, our parents came to us on the eve of our wedding. They gave us a gift. Inside the package was an empty box. Attached to the box was a card wishing all their love and blessings to our new life and an explanation of what the box was for. We were made to promise that the secret would be safe and we would not share with any of our siblings. It was something that our parents wanted to share when the time was right. Each one of us are now saving for our own honeymoon, compliments of our parents.

On their fiftieth anniversary, my parents finally took the honeymoon of their dreams. They had waited so long for it, and they had saved so much together. I don’t know how much money was in the box when it was opened, but I know that they paid for their trip to hawaii and had plenty of extra spending money. I was so proud to know that they had shared so much love throughout the many years of their marriage.

As they prepared to leave for their trip, I remember my father telling me something that I will never forget. “I am starting another box. It is in your Mother’s suitcase. We are planning a trip to Europe for our seventy-fifth!” You know, I think they just might make it. And thanks to my parents, I’ll always know one thing is for sure: Love can take you right where you want to be.

The $2000.00 Budget

Maxine here is a break down of the 2000.00 budget!

Location = $250
Photography = $50
Catering = $600
Alcohol = $400
Flowers/Decorations = $50
Party Favors = $50
Additional Food for Snacks= $100
Save the Date Cards = $0
Invitations = $50
Sara's Clothes = $200
Matt's Clothes = $0
Airport Bus = ?
Scrapbook = $50
Music = $0
Marriage License = $10
Cakes = $150
Thank Yous = $40
TOTAL = $2,000.00

Gas Prices:The effect on a Wedding Budget!

With the prices of crude oil toping $135.00, and gas soaring above $4.00, you have to wonder what will be the effects will be on your wedding budget. I heard on the news today that a Memorial day cookout this year will cost 6% more than last year. Higher gas prices will soon effect all aspects of our spending. This means higher food expenditures (catering), gifts, limos, alcohol, etc...Prices for these services are not cheap now, but if they go up further I will be SOL. Should I book my caterer now? Should I reserve my limo now? I'm not getting married until next year, will my $5000.00 now buy me the same wedding 6 to 8 months from now! You have to think about these things.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding THIN

I'm trying to get "skinny" before I get married. I want to look great for my big day. I'm already on DR. Giraoud's plan (sometimes ;) and losing weight, but I want to start toning. I'm thinking of buying FIT FLOPS but it is going to be hard to plop down $50 bucks for some flip flops. Supposedly you tone your legs, hips, and butt just by wearing them. For those of you who know me I'll never lose all this A**. I was born with it, but I would love to tone it up. If any of you have tried these leave a comment and let me know what you think and how they feel.

Alisa's Budget: Thanks For The Tip

Hello! I have actually had a tight budget myself. This wedding, scheduled for May 31st, 2008, has been 4 years in the making (not completely by my own choice). That made the total cost feel a little less painful than trying to buy everything at one time. I'm sure I will have some cost saving tips for you after next week. One is to use flowers that are already in season. If you find someone who can create nice floral arrangements, they can use flowers from a local supermarket. We ordered a few trays/crates of flowers from a local store at least one month ahead of time. We will pick up the flowers the day before the wedding, cut the stems and create the table arrangements ourselves. For very special arrangements, like the bride's bouquet, we did decide to have a professional florist create them.

Also, Erica got a real deal on the bridal shower (at Grandover). It ended up being less than $20 per person for everything. I only invited a total of 20 people (this also kept the cost down). My other friend, Erin, who is scheduled to be married two weeks after me, had hers at a friend's house. They had a few people provide food (heavy hors d'oeuvre?), a cake and drinks (mimosas & punch). There was no music or entertainment or games...just eating, socializing and opening gifts. Short, sweet & much cheaper (but still very nice) :) She had a group of about 30 people or so.

Posted By: Alisa

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Centerpieces, can't decide...

I'll just post some pics, which one do you like? The possibilities are endless....


INVITATIONS, INVITATIONS yes, I'm screaming! Invitation can be a huge expense. If you go with traditional invitations you've got the actual invitation, vellum, two or three different envelopes, embellishments, RSVP cards, save the date cards, stamps, calligraphy, and information cards. If you've got my taste you could easily spend $1000.00 on invitations. To the right is an example of my dream invitations (different colors of course). I can't afford these on my budget. So, I've decided to make them. I've found a site online that sells the entire invitation set, including the embellishments for around $60.00. All you have to do is print and assemble.

For $59.95 the set includes:
50 count pack includes
50 creased covers shown in
chocolate, 50 overlay cards
shown in aqua , 50 clear white
sheers, 50 card sashes shown
in aqua , 7/8" satin ribbon
shown in chocolate,
glue dots for assembly, set of
50 social inner and outer
envelopes in white or cream not shown in photo

The Dress

I've already decided to buy my dress online. There are sites everywhere that you can send in your measurements(have them taken by a seamstress) and they will custom make a dress to fit you. The only problem is you have to be careful of designer knockoffs. They are not always as great as the original. You should look for dresses designed by the seamstress, not pictures of designer dresses. Check out this dress from Cinderella's Bridal Shop, an Ebay store. This dress is $220 plus $55.00 shipping. At a local Bridal shops this dress would retail for over $1000.00 Look at the delicate lace and the detail work. Fabulous,... I would wear it.

I've decided not to post my actual wedding dress so that my friends and family viewing this site will be surprised.

$2,000: I cant do that...can I

Okay so I've been all over the web reading about wedding budgets at/or below $2000.00. What kind of wedding can I have for $2,000.00? I've been to several weddings that have ranged in cost from $2,000.00 to $25,000.00. The $2,000.00 wedding can be just as romantic and beautiful as the $25,000.00 wedding. I want the beautiful fairy tale without the cost. I realize that I'm going to have to put in work to make this wedding happen. Planning a wedding on a tight budget could consume you. It would be easier to go out and spend $25,000.00 on a wedding and reception at Cinderella's castle and be done with it, but I want a memorable event that doesn't break the bank. Plus there will be no help.

Unfortunately, I have high dollar taste and dreams. I'll need the world to help curtail my spending. I figure if you'll help keep my checks and balances I'll stay on track.

Guest Count: how do you figure it?

I've heard from the experts and they say typically 10-20% of invited guest are unable to attend. So, do I base my count on the number of people I think will attend or the number of people I invite? I mean, should I invite 100 people and hope only 80(count given to caterer) actually come, or should I invite and plan for 100. This can be tricky. Do you pay for the actual attendance or do you pay for the final head count? That is scary, especially for those of us on a tight budget....

A Reception Proposal

I just recently visited the Jh Adams Inn in High Point, NC. It is a beautifully renovated Victorian home, originally built in 1918. It is simply gorgeous. The home has all of the original architecture and beautiful furnishings. It's the perfect place to host a wedding. The Inn can accommodate up to 120 guest. The fee for the venue is $1000.00. I don't know which budget I'll be using for this one...$5,000 or $8,000.00...

Getting Married

I'm getting married next year. We set the date for April 18, 2009. We may have to change the date to fit this wedding into our $5,000.00 budget. I'll get to that later...