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Friday, May 23, 2008

Read this story it is SOOOO Romantic!

The story of the wooden box

My parents married all those years ago in a small family ceremony in my mother’s family home. Money was almost nonexistent then, so the reality of taking a honeymoon was only a dream for my parents. They said their vows and then both returned to work the next day, and that’s just the way most everyone did back then.

My parents, however, did make a vow to each other on their wedding night. They told each other that someday they would have the honeymoon of their dreams. They promised they would place a dollar in a box every time they made love. They considered it their “honeymoon savings box”, and they knew that, if their love was strong enough, they would one day be able to take a honeymoon form the deposits made to that box.

Times were tough in those days. Daddy worked two jobs to make ends meet and Mother worked just as hard at home raising the ten children God blessed them with. But every time they had time to be together, a dollar was placed in the box, just as they promised it would be.

Daddy never allowed Mother to dip into the honeymoon savings, even though it would have helped out at times. The money would come from somewhere else, but never from the special box they kept tucked away safe in the dresser.

I remember when we were all little and Daddy would come home tired and dirty from his twelve hour shifts. Mother would greet him with a smile and a hot meal. I often heard my Daddy say aloud to Mom that he had a dollar. Mother would simply smile and say “I know just how to spend it!” None of us realized what the story was then.

As we grew older and each one of us married, our parents came to us on the eve of our wedding. They gave us a gift. Inside the package was an empty box. Attached to the box was a card wishing all their love and blessings to our new life and an explanation of what the box was for. We were made to promise that the secret would be safe and we would not share with any of our siblings. It was something that our parents wanted to share when the time was right. Each one of us are now saving for our own honeymoon, compliments of our parents.

On their fiftieth anniversary, my parents finally took the honeymoon of their dreams. They had waited so long for it, and they had saved so much together. I don’t know how much money was in the box when it was opened, but I know that they paid for their trip to hawaii and had plenty of extra spending money. I was so proud to know that they had shared so much love throughout the many years of their marriage.

As they prepared to leave for their trip, I remember my father telling me something that I will never forget. “I am starting another box. It is in your Mother’s suitcase. We are planning a trip to Europe for our seventy-fifth!” You know, I think they just might make it. And thanks to my parents, I’ll always know one thing is for sure: Love can take you right where you want to be.

The $2000.00 Budget

Maxine here is a break down of the 2000.00 budget!

Location = $250
Photography = $50
Catering = $600
Alcohol = $400
Flowers/Decorations = $50
Party Favors = $50
Additional Food for Snacks= $100
Save the Date Cards = $0
Invitations = $50
Sara's Clothes = $200
Matt's Clothes = $0
Airport Bus = ?
Scrapbook = $50
Music = $0
Marriage License = $10
Cakes = $150
Thank Yous = $40
TOTAL = $2,000.00

Gas Prices:The effect on a Wedding Budget!

With the prices of crude oil toping $135.00, and gas soaring above $4.00, you have to wonder what will be the effects will be on your wedding budget. I heard on the news today that a Memorial day cookout this year will cost 6% more than last year. Higher gas prices will soon effect all aspects of our spending. This means higher food expenditures (catering), gifts, limos, alcohol, etc...Prices for these services are not cheap now, but if they go up further I will be SOL. Should I book my caterer now? Should I reserve my limo now? I'm not getting married until next year, will my $5000.00 now buy me the same wedding 6 to 8 months from now! You have to think about these things.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding THIN

I'm trying to get "skinny" before I get married. I want to look great for my big day. I'm already on DR. Giraoud's plan (sometimes ;) and losing weight, but I want to start toning. I'm thinking of buying FIT FLOPS but it is going to be hard to plop down $50 bucks for some flip flops. Supposedly you tone your legs, hips, and butt just by wearing them. For those of you who know me I'll never lose all this A**. I was born with it, but I would love to tone it up. If any of you have tried these leave a comment and let me know what you think and how they feel.

Alisa's Budget: Thanks For The Tip

Hello! I have actually had a tight budget myself. This wedding, scheduled for May 31st, 2008, has been 4 years in the making (not completely by my own choice). That made the total cost feel a little less painful than trying to buy everything at one time. I'm sure I will have some cost saving tips for you after next week. One is to use flowers that are already in season. If you find someone who can create nice floral arrangements, they can use flowers from a local supermarket. We ordered a few trays/crates of flowers from a local store at least one month ahead of time. We will pick up the flowers the day before the wedding, cut the stems and create the table arrangements ourselves. For very special arrangements, like the bride's bouquet, we did decide to have a professional florist create them.

Also, Erica got a real deal on the bridal shower (at Grandover). It ended up being less than $20 per person for everything. I only invited a total of 20 people (this also kept the cost down). My other friend, Erin, who is scheduled to be married two weeks after me, had hers at a friend's house. They had a few people provide food (heavy hors d'oeuvre?), a cake and drinks (mimosas & punch). There was no music or entertainment or games...just eating, socializing and opening gifts. Short, sweet & much cheaper (but still very nice) :) She had a group of about 30 people or so.

Posted By: Alisa

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Centerpieces, can't decide...

I'll just post some pics, which one do you like? The possibilities are endless....


INVITATIONS, INVITATIONS yes, I'm screaming! Invitation can be a huge expense. If you go with traditional invitations you've got the actual invitation, vellum, two or three different envelopes, embellishments, RSVP cards, save the date cards, stamps, calligraphy, and information cards. If you've got my taste you could easily spend $1000.00 on invitations. To the right is an example of my dream invitations (different colors of course). I can't afford these on my budget. So, I've decided to make them. I've found a site online that sells the entire invitation set, including the embellishments for around $60.00. All you have to do is print and assemble.

For $59.95 the set includes:
50 count pack includes
50 creased covers shown in
chocolate, 50 overlay cards
shown in aqua , 50 clear white
sheers, 50 card sashes shown
in aqua , 7/8" satin ribbon
shown in chocolate,
glue dots for assembly, set of
50 social inner and outer
envelopes in white or cream not shown in photo

The Dress

I've already decided to buy my dress online. There are sites everywhere that you can send in your measurements(have them taken by a seamstress) and they will custom make a dress to fit you. The only problem is you have to be careful of designer knockoffs. They are not always as great as the original. You should look for dresses designed by the seamstress, not pictures of designer dresses. Check out this dress from Cinderella's Bridal Shop, an Ebay store. This dress is $220 plus $55.00 shipping. At a local Bridal shops this dress would retail for over $1000.00 Look at the delicate lace and the detail work. Fabulous,... I would wear it.

I've decided not to post my actual wedding dress so that my friends and family viewing this site will be surprised.

$2,000: I cant do that...can I

Okay so I've been all over the web reading about wedding budgets at/or below $2000.00. What kind of wedding can I have for $2,000.00? I've been to several weddings that have ranged in cost from $2,000.00 to $25,000.00. The $2,000.00 wedding can be just as romantic and beautiful as the $25,000.00 wedding. I want the beautiful fairy tale without the cost. I realize that I'm going to have to put in work to make this wedding happen. Planning a wedding on a tight budget could consume you. It would be easier to go out and spend $25,000.00 on a wedding and reception at Cinderella's castle and be done with it, but I want a memorable event that doesn't break the bank. Plus there will be no help.

Unfortunately, I have high dollar taste and dreams. I'll need the world to help curtail my spending. I figure if you'll help keep my checks and balances I'll stay on track.

Guest Count: how do you figure it?

I've heard from the experts and they say typically 10-20% of invited guest are unable to attend. So, do I base my count on the number of people I think will attend or the number of people I invite? I mean, should I invite 100 people and hope only 80(count given to caterer) actually come, or should I invite and plan for 100. This can be tricky. Do you pay for the actual attendance or do you pay for the final head count? That is scary, especially for those of us on a tight budget....

A Reception Proposal

I just recently visited the Jh Adams Inn in High Point, NC. It is a beautifully renovated Victorian home, originally built in 1918. It is simply gorgeous. The home has all of the original architecture and beautiful furnishings. It's the perfect place to host a wedding. The Inn can accommodate up to 120 guest. The fee for the venue is $1000.00. I don't know which budget I'll be using for this one...$5,000 or $8,000.00...

Getting Married

I'm getting married next year. We set the date for April 18, 2009. We may have to change the date to fit this wedding into our $5,000.00 budget. I'll get to that later...