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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Wedding Vision...What is it?

What is my wedding vision? I don't really have one. Some girls have been planning their weddings since childhood. I was such a tomboy growing up, I would have never dreamed of prancing around in a frilly wedding dress. I was just girlie enough to want to be Brittnay, from Alvin and the Chipmunks, but only because she was always in competition with Alvin. I was never one who dreamed of fairytale weddings. Now that I'm getting married, I don't have clue what I want that day to be like. That is typically where a wedding planner would enter...but, the money I would pay a wedding planner could (and will) go toward my actual wedding expenses. As the "PLANNER"I'll have get as many ideas from weddings I've been to, wedding shows, and the internet as possible. So far I have been to dozens of weddings, 4 wedding shows, tons of Websites and literally at least a dozen reception venues (not to mention the ones I've called and emailed). When all the decisions have been made at least I will say I knew my stuff.

Bridal Shows...Help Me be cont...

Last night I went to a Bridal show at Castle McCulloch. This place is beautiful and I know it would make a wonderful wedding venue for some brides. Not me! It is way out of my price range. I want to think practically about my wedding plans and plan accordingly. I don't have, nor do I want to spend, a lot of money on my wedding. It is important for my day to be a great day full of memories that don't put me in debt. So that means I have to make it happen on a budget and a realistic budget. Enough of that!
I came across several vendors yesterday that can help make my day great. I have decided to have a sit down with these vendors, get the ends and outs ,and then report them to you!

Visions Catering
Wedding in a Box
Key Valet Service, Inc
Rose Mae's catering
Anything Music
Keller's Kakes And Katering
Treasured Images
Keepsake Bouquets & Floral Designs
Total Wine
My Beautiful Wedding
S&K Mens Warehouse
Occasions Florals
Beautiful Creations
Catered Affairs
Colonial LLC

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tuscany Gardens

I've been searching the triad high and low for the perfect place to have the reception. As you know the biggest portion of any budget is the reception. My husband to be has but one request, an unlimited bar. LOL! I laugh because this is usually the budget deal breaker. Alcohol is the biggest expense on any wedding budget. So my quest has been for a location that will allow you to bring your own alcohol. I've found Tuscany Gardens a reception/ceremony location that is beautiful. The interior is decorated in the Classic Italian Tuscany design with a raised dance floor, state of the art sound system, and a full service bar.This is what they do, weddings, all year long. This is a plus on many levels... the place is beautiful, they have tons of flowers on the grounds, they provide you with centerpieces, and they have other decorations you can use.They even have a bridal suite for the bride and her party to get dressed, complete with a dress steamer. Plus they let you bring your own alcohol.
Price for 100 guest, outdoor ceremony, and you get to design your menu approximately $5000.00, taxes and gratuity included. NOT BAD when you add all the extras.

Limo services...or not?

Do you rent a limo or not? Well tradition says yes, but your budget could say no! Some couples leave the wedding location (church, park, etc.) in a horse drawn carriage or a rented Rolls Royce. Are you obligated to transport your entire wedding party. I wouldn't think so. I guess it would ensure everyone arrives together. Anyway,to save money,I found a limousine service in Greensboro that will let you split time.

The 3-Hour Split can be configured hourly as:
Before & After
1 & 2
1½ & 1½
2 & 1

(Additional hours can be purchased.)

Lincoln Towncar Limousine, 4-6 passenger or
8-10 passenger. (Non-smoking limousines)

Cost: $300

Prices do not include gratuity, fuel surcharge and
additional travel fees. Travel included for Guilford
county. Package subject to change without notice.

This price is pretty cheap. If this still doesn't fit in your budget there are other alternatives; drive your own car, rent a car, or borrow a car. You could just get married and have your reception at the same location, then there is no need for a car at all.