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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Clarion ... Reception Location

This reception location is nice but it would be much nicer if the outside looked as great as the inside.
In my search I have come across some great reception locations (that look fabulous on the inside but not so great on the outside). The Clarion is a older hotel that has been through some renovations but it still looks old. The only flaw is the ambiance is lacking on the outside...The inside is great. I could over look the outside if their prices reflected the outside. I think this should be a mid range location but their prices reflect a high dollar hotel, much like the Embassy Suites. The Clarion provides a lot of extras (champagne toast, cake, centerpieces, cake knife and server, appetizer, en tree, and salad) in their packages but is it enough for the price tag. I'll know I will. I guess it all depends on what you want for you wedding. Do you want to serve your guests dinner with all the trimmings, hors 'drovers, or what? They did this beautiful pineapple tree....

Wedding in a Box

This is a brilliant idea. Save the bride a ton of stress and plan her wedding on a set budget. I talked to this lady at the bridal show last week and I am going to set an appointment with her so I can talk to her further. The website was interesting it gave some good reception locations. I have some questions though, a wedding in a box includes invitations, RSVP cards, wedding favors, reception venue, florist, caterer, decorations, wedding coordinator, DJ, and photography. But is this a cookie cutter wedding? Will my wedding look just like my friend's wedding? How many of these have you done? Can I see pictures? Am I leaving my entire wedding up to one company? I'll let you know what i find out.....

Monday, June 2, 2008

Inexpensive Wedding Favors

This classic heart shape cookie cutters make great favors. A best seller, each one is packaged in a clear gift box with black backing, and tied off with an organza ribbon. Cutters are made from tin and measure 2" x 2". Pair this with a card thanking your guest and "Cut out for Each Other"
Priced at $.40 each for 100 or more

I Went To A Wedding this Weekend....

I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend. Every time I go to a wedding I learn a little bit more and a little bit more. This time I learned it pays to check and double check your vendors, some churches have made weddings an income source, have a wedding day flow chart, and seating charts are valuable. I've debated this last lesson with my sister and she doesn't think seating charts are necessary but we will see how she sways after my wedding.
Lets go over the lessons learned...
  1. The florist forgot to make the flowers! (WHAT!) Yes, the mother of the bride and her friend stayed up the night before and made bouquets, corsages , boutonnières, and centerpieces for the wedding. There were 6 bridesmaids and groomsmen, 5 hostesses, over 250 guests and the wedding family. Can you imagine the mothers frustration? The florist provided the mother with the flowers (at a discount of course). I wonder if the bride had a signed contract. If so, I would have demanded the flowers for free. I don't know full the details but maybe this could have been avoided if this vendor was rechecked a week in advance.
  2. The wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful church that came with a coordinator, a photographer, a videographer and decorations all for one fee. The price around $500.00 not bad except the coordinator was a monster. I realize each wedding is a production but the coordinator shouldn't make the bride uncomfortable. This church has created an income stream in weddings.
  3. The wedding day went well except the wedding party missed the pre-wedding pictures. The ceremony coordinator had a flow chart but it wasn't followed. I think this was partly because she wasn't received by the bride well. This kind of problem can be avoided if the bride and her wedding party buys into the flow chart.
  4. I will definitely have a seating chart for my wedding reception. Every wedding event I've been to seems to neglect this as apart of the planning process. I'm not sure why, but every time it becomes a problem. The bride is never privy to the problem but her hostesses have to politely ask someone to move or slide to the next seat. This can be avoided by the RSVP process and a seating chart. That way the bride and groom have those most important to them sitting close to them.
I'll post a picture when I have one....