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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wedding Checklist

As you can see I have a lot of work to do.

Unity Candles

Here is one of my DIY projects. I purchased a 3"x 9" candle from Hobby Lobby (they are having a sale for 50% off all bridal) for 2.99. The velum paper was also %50 off. The ribbon came form walmart 1.00 and $.49. I still have some left over. One DIY complete... I may go with my other monogram logo.

Free Save the Date Post Card

It took a couple of weeks, but I did receive my free post card. It looked just like the picture. It had my message on the back and it was pretty cool. The advertisement on the back was small so what it was FREE! I put it on my refrigerator, where you would hope, your guest would keep the save the dates. Nice and visible. You can use publisher to create a Jpeg image with your save the date information on top.Free save the dates at can be a great deal. You could even upload this design to vista print and get post cards made. The best way to save money is to send them free. Example:


Okay thanks to my Bridesmaids I've finally settled on a theme and color palette (lime green, lavendar, chocolate, see right). Purple is my favorite color and I tend to lean to the lighter shades of purple, like lavender. I have decided, in order to save a buck, to do DIY wedding projects. I'm fairly crafty and I know I can make anything. I'm in the middle of several different projects; my display cake, favor boxes, flower girl pail, seat cards, invitations, and unity candles. Okay, that's a lot and it isn't even half of the projects I've decided to undertake. Don't laugh! (naw go ahead, I am) My bridesmaids bless thier hearts are trying to make sure I'm being realistic. I am, I can finish all of that and more in six months.

I'm back...

I'm still planning! Thanks for all of you who have been following me. I got an email from Linda in Greensboro who is also on a $5000 to $8000 budget.


I’m sorry to trouble you, but I ran across your blog about planning your wedding. I was curious where you ended up having your reception. I am on a budget somewhere between $5,000 and $8,000 and also in Greensboro.

Thank you so much!


My Response:


No trouble at all. I'm glad my blog is there to help. I need to continue writing (I've been busy lately)! I haven't gotten married yet my date is April 25, 2009. Depending on your criteria (alcohol etc. ) there are lots of different places to have a reception. But budget constraints definitely can hinder us. If I didn't want to provide 100 guest with unlimited alcohol I would use one of these venues: Cheapest

The JH Adams Inn in High Point. It is really beautiful and very elegant. They make you buy their alcohol but the lady there will work with you to pick a nice meal cheaply. There are pictures on my blog and here is their website. Food and venue roughly $3000

The Brookstown Inn is fabulous. I think the same company owns both of these places. Anyway they also make you buy their alcohol but they will work to stay withinn your budget. The dining area is a little dark but the charm of the hotel makes it so worth while and your guests will feel at home. Food and venue roughly $3500.

Double tree High Point Rd- In my quest for the perfect spot, I've viewed many places, if you want to go the chain hotel route, this is the place to go. They only charge $500 for the venue and the food is about 25.00 per person. I really like the charm of the above bed and breakfast places, though. $Food and venue roughly $3500

Watch out for %20 Gratuity.

Unlimited Alcohol Choices:

1. Tuscany Gardens (they are booking up the best months fast). This would be my first choice they provide a lot of the extras. Plus, they allow you to provide your own own alcohol. See my blog. $5000.00 total. Ceremony included.

2. King Inn Sedgefield I just recently saw this place and started to change my whole agenda. It is great ! But, it is better for a smaller affair unless you want to tent the parking lot. Then you're adding cost. You hire your own caterer and they are flexible. It is better to have your guest stay here and have your event here. But check this place out just to have your guest stay here.

3. UNCG Alumni House (alumni, students, staff only) This place is very elegant and newly remodeled. It is inexpensive and very beautiful. Venue $1300 for 6 hours and the school can (not required) cater for $14.00 per person total. Gratuity included.

4. UNCG Cone Ballroom (Books up fast) Older room inside the student center. Very cheap venue under $1000 (tables and chairs included) and the school (required) has to cater for you at $14.00 per person total (other menues available). Gratuity included.

5. ***My choice NC A&T Alumni Center. This place is new and beautiful and it fits all my criteria. Large rooms tables and chairs. The school can cater for you but you can also use an outside caterer. Roughly $2500 with outside caterer .

Linda let me know if I can be of any help on other questions I have catering suggestions. If you want to look at UNCG, I went there, the food is good. Go eat at Spencers. I also do wedding crafts and candy buffets (call for pricing), I've attached a price list, I'm offering blog readers a 25% off discount. Get a paper every week and use coupons Micheal's, Ac Moore, Hobby Lobby, Joann's and Old Time Pottery. Hobby lobby is having a 50% off bridal and floral week with no coupon. I'd be glad to help anyway I can.

Can I use your question on my blog?