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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Inexpensive but Fun Wedding Favors

I recently went to the dentist...I know ouch! Anyway as a parting gift at the checkout counter they had personalized watermelon flavored chap stick( my dentist). My lips were dry from being held open for thirty minutes so I grabbed two, one for my daughter. I was thinking about the blog and I decided to look up the manufacturing company, also on the label. This site offers 100 personalized organic chap sticks for $49.00 and they are made fresh to your order. I thought wow, what an inexpensive way to provide your guest with a useful functional parting gift. It would be even better to get the top of the tube in your wedding colors. Anyway check them out Oh by the way its good chap stick, my lips feel smooth and moisturized.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I've Been Missing for a While...But I'm Back

To my readers:
I decided to postpone my wedding ...long story. I did not think I would be missed but I'm still getting emails and people are still reading so I've decided to continue planning my wedding for $5000 or is it $8,000. So when I do get married all I will have to do is implement the plans that we have vetted together. I have several friends who are getting married this year and I'm helping them in any way I can. I've also been selling some of my crafting services. I've attached a picture of a logo I designed and hand painted on a wedding aisle runner for a girl on Craigslist . Let me know if you know anyone who could use my services I'm cheaper than anyone on the web and I'm Local!